Geller MicroÅnalytical Laboratory, Inc.

426e Boston St. (Rt. 1), Topsfield, MA 01983-1216

978 887-7000, fax 978 887-6671

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Quality Control

ISO-9001, ISO-17025, ANSI Z540, OCRWM - - ANAB (NVLAP & A2LA by mutual recognition), Sandia National Labs, Johnson & Johnson and Boston Scientific

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Magnification Reference Standards & Stage Micrometers
---Announcing the MRS-6 with 3 nanometer uncertainty!

Calibrate from 10X to 1,000,000X with our ISO-17025 accredited standards. See the MRS-4.2 and new MRS-6 (for high performance SEMs and other scanning imaging systems. Provides ISO-9000, 17025 and ISO 16700 compliance!

Elemental Standards - See updated list - January 2024

pure elements, particles, compounds, alloys, glasses, and minerals. 300 to choose from!

Vacu-Storr™ vacuum desiccators

Vacu-Storr products have been transferred to

Ion sputter (pdf)

calibrate your ion gun

****New item: JN-1****

SEM demonstration standards

An array of 11 conductive and non-conductive scanning electron microscope demonstration standards- all prepared and ready to image.


Laboratory Services

Surface analysis: Auger Electron Spectroscopy

hemispherical analyzer, ion gun, energy dispersive x-ray detector

Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA)

its like the SEM/x-ray but on steroids! Specializing in KIMBERLITE and FIBER OPTICS analyses

Scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive x-ray analysis

a workhorse of an instrument with digital imaging capabilities

Optical microscopy

stereo, inverted, bench, long working distance units available

Metallography, mounting and polishing

unique capabilities and experience set us apart


surface roughness scans to 1 nm. Our new Dektak XT stylus profilometer won't damage soft samples


Vickers & Knoop, indents for films to 2um in thickness

Analytical Services Request Form (pdf)

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