Pure Elemental, Compound, Alloy,

Glass and Mineral Calibration Standards


These calibration standards are suitable for energy and wavelength dispersive x-ray analysis, Auger electron and XPS (small beam) spectroscopy, and other techniques requiring flat polished surfaces and ultra high vacuum compatibility. Choose from over 250 high purity elements, compounds, minerals, glasses and alloys. The standards are all 3mm in diameter by about 0.5 mm thick, are individually polished to prevent cross-contamination, and can be mounted either in a laser engraved SS304 holder or left unmounted. Assortments of standards are offered in 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 37 element sizes.

The abbreviations below show the form in which the standards are available. We try to offer only solid analytes that are 3 mm in diameter. Unfortunately, many standards are not available in bulk or foils so we work with powder forms. We get the largest grain sizes available but the world seems to want as small particles sizes. We mix the powder grains with silver flake (or tin when working with sulfides), then press under high pressure and then do a light anneal. The composite is then polished to reveal the standard grains surrounded by silver. Silver is an excellent heat and electrical conductor and we do no find it smearing across the standard grains.

If we do not have the standards you need we can also prepare your own materials to fit into our holders. Please call for a quotation. Our long list of standards has been developed by listening to our customers needs- as well as our own. Many of the standards can be provided in larger sizes. Please contact us for further information including a detailed catalog and list of standards.

SRM-481 (Au-Ag standard) backscattered photo


M: natural mineral

Opt: optical crystal (2N+)

P: powder mixed with Ag flake & polished. If a sulfide- mixed it is mixed with Sn flake.

TF: thin film

VD: vapor deposited (CVD, LPCVD, etc.)

B: bulk material

C: crystalline

EM: end member

F: foil

HP: hot pressed

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