The Counter-Rota-Cutter™

The Counter-Rota-Cutter (US patent #4,949,605), is a metallographic saw attachment for the Buehler ISOMET, LECO VC-50 or the new Struer's Minitom. It was developed a result of our analytical needs to section materials faster (up to 10X), smoother (10% of the surface roughness), and thinner (to 6 mils over 1") than available technology offers. The CRC for the LECO VC-50 is sold exclusively by LECO. A new hollow chuck for accommodating specimens of any length is now available for any of the above saws. Call for a detailed catalog and prices of the Counter-Rota-Cutter!

Counter-Rota-Cutter™ on a Buehler Isomet™ low speed saw

Brochure (pdf)